Friday October 22, 2021

Landikotal Christians demand funds for colony

October 13, 2021

LANDIKOTAL: The Christian families living here on Tuesday asked the federal and provincial governments to allocate funds for purchase of land to establish a colony for them.

Speaking to The News, Pakistan Minority Alliance executive member and the Christian community elder in Landikotal Malik Arshad Masih said that they had sent letters to Prime minister Imran Khan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Mahmood Khan to help establish a residential colony for minorities residing in Landikotal for decades.

He said more than 300 minority families were residing in government quarters established at the administration compounds in Jamrud and Landikotal.

Arshad Masih said some of the Christian families also living in the houses situated inside military cantonment in Landikotal since the creation of Pakistan. He said few minorities who could pay Rs0.5 million were allotted homes in the newly established colony while the rest remained without their own homes in Landikotal.

Arshad Masih said their forefathers had settled down in different tribal districts in 1914. However, he said they were never given the right to own properties as they were either considered outsiders or the locals were unwilling to sell them land.

The minority elder said they were now entitled to the basic rights including ownership of properties, a separate quota in the government jobs and a share in development funds after being issued Category-B domiciles.

Malik Arshad Masih said the former political administration of erstwhile Khyber Agency had purchased some land for setting up a residential colony for Christians but only 21 five-marla houses had been constructed so far. He said that 15 to 20 persons lived in each house, where they find it difficult to maintain privacy.

He demanded the governments to release adequate funds for purchase of land and construction of houses for the minority families currently in Khyber.

Malik Arshad Masih asked the Jamrud administration to divert sewerage drain from the church and residential compound.

When contacted, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly member and social worker Wilson Wazir said they had purchased a piece of land worth Rs10 million and constructed houses on it before the merger.

He said 21 Christian families were allotted homes in Landikotal. He pledged that he would purchase land to construct houses for minorities living in Landikotal.