Saturday December 04, 2021

Stealing important documents: Corrupt NAB official deserves maximum punishment, says Alvi

October 12, 2021
Stealing important documents: Corrupt NAB official deserves maximum punishment, says Alvi

ISLAMABAD: President Dr Arif Alvi has rejected the NAB ex-assistant director Muhammad Umair’s appeal and urged the Bureau to prosecute him to the maximum extent of the law on account of grave inefficiency and misconduct and stealing 15 original deeds of property in reference no. 15/2019 (State v/s Sharjeel Inam Memon & Others).

The president upheld the maximum service punishment in law of “major penalty” of “dismissal from service”, which he considers definitely not enough considering the crime involved. Ex-Assistant Director (AD) Muhammad Umair had submitted an appeal to the president against the NAB chairman’s orders.

The president said it was a case of blatant corruption, and was tantamount to throwing mud in the eyes of the people of Pakistan who had been betrayed. He said Pakistan had suffered a great deal because of corrupt looters and plunderers, adding that the so-called accidental fires destroy entire floors to remove every bit of evidence.

He said documents were stolen even in foreign countries where corruption of Pakistani politicians was being investigated. According to details, NAB had taken possession of 15 original deeds of property from the secretary of Sharjeel Memon, Izhar Hussain, at the time of his arrest from his house in April 2019.

Subsequently, the documents were kept in a steel Almirah in the NAB which had been specifically provided to the ex-assistant director. On 18th August 2020, the defense counsel claimed before the court that the NAB did not possess the original documents. In response, Mr Umair promised to bring them to the court the following day.

On 19th August, the appellant told the court that he had lost the record. This lapse resulted in the instant relief and grant of post-arrest bails to the accused.

According to the fact-finding report, all the record was present but only the most important 15 original documents were removed cleverly from the file and recovered only after pressure was brought upon the NAB official.

The NAB had recommended immediate suspension of Mr Umair along with initiation of disciplinary proceedings under NAB Employees Terms and Conditions of Service (TCS) 2000 and proceeding under section 31(a) of National Accountability Ordinance, 1999. Rejecting the appeal, President Dr Arif Alvi stated that the incident was shocking and documents were missing not as an accident but by deliberate action of a very corrupt official of the NAB.