Thursday October 21, 2021

‘Taliban not to let anyone use Afghan soil for sabotaging neighbours’ peace’

October 11, 2021

Islamabad : Wang Shida, Deputy Director, Institute of South Asian Studies, China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations (CICIR), has said that now the Afghan Taliban informed that the East Turkistan Independence Movement has been asked to leave the country which is a good start.

Mr. Wang was addressing a Panel Discussion on ‘Conversations on the evolving situation in Afghanistan: China’s role in Afghanistan’ organised here by the Institute of Strategic Studies (ISS).

Mr. Wang said that the Taliban assured that they will not let any other forces use Afghan soil to sabotage China’s peace and national security interests and gave the same assurances to other regional countries including Pakistan.

He opined that the question of whether the Taliban can be trusted remains while due to limited resources, the Taliban are facing a severe economic challenge. In such conditions, he said, no country can exploit their natural resources, nor accrue financial benefits from them. It is high time for the international community to engage with the Taliban, to have a secure and peaceful region.

Former ambassador to China Naghmana Hashmi said that the Taliban have very limited experience in dealing with economy and governance because of which they need to be assisted. At the same time, they cannot be expected to resolve the evolving crisis in Afghanistan without any foreign assistance. Hence, it is in all stakeholders’ interest to make sure that Afghanistan does not face any humanitarian crisis.

Dr. Haiyun Ma from Frostburg State University said that bilateral security relations and regional security are the top concerns for China regarding the Taliban and Afghanistan. China’s peaceful rise, the success of BRI, and maintaining regional order are all interconnected with the regional security which depends on peace in Afghanistan.

Dr. Haroun Rahimi from the American University of Afghanistan said that the mentality of the Taliban as a fighting group remains unchanged. There is also a deep trust deficit between the Taliban and the international community and this needs to be rectified if they are to deliver efficiently. Regarding girls’ education, he observed that it is just rhetoric that the Taliban used in their last regime too as they never formally said that the women would not be allowed to receive education, rather they said that conditions are not right and it will take time for things to figure out.