Saturday October 16, 2021

People are talking about —

October 10, 2021

-- the federal government requesting the Sindh provincial government to revisit the policy on the development of Bundle Island, reiterating that it would bring prosperity, economic uplift and employment for the local people. People say the $50 billion housing project will be a threat to mangroves and loss of biodiversity in the area, so it would better if, instead of convincing the Sindh government for converting this island into a concrete jungle, it grows more mangroves along Karachi’s coastal areas.

-- the political version of the game ‘musical chairs’ going on with the appointment of a spokesperson for the provincial government of the Punjab and how the issue has become ridiculous and a matter of concern. People say either the head of the provincial government does not know what he’s doing or those selected for the job shoot off their mouths on each and every ‘breaking news’ story without thinking about what they are saying.

-- the reaction from the new PCB chief on the cancellation of tours by two teams which seems totally uncalled for, given the stature of his office. People say using political jargons in a sport accomplishes nothing and his statement that Pakistan will avenge the cancellation at the T20 World Cup by defeating these teams can cause huge embarrassment if we lose to them, which is not a rarity because, after all, it is a sport with a 50-50 probability.

-- the fact that obscene videos are easily available on social media, something which does not seem to bother either PTA; the law enforcement and other state regulatory bodies that have no issue banning TikTok, although the contents of those video clips are generally, not as vulgar. People say many of these vulgar videos target politicians belonging to the opposition; government and even certain select members of the judiciary, not to say anything about the effect they have on society as a whole.

-- how it is hard to understand why the federal government, instead of planning big development projects for Karachi does not focus on prime issues that include repair of roads, installation of streetlights, improving law and order situation and disposal of garbage in a satisfactory manner. People say while the issues that affect the citizens of Karachi are the responsibility of the provincial government but launching mega projects does not seem logical as smaller ones will give bigger relief to the people.

-- the report that 1,033 kanals of state land worth billions has been retrieved from land grabbers in a successful operation in an area in Lahore. People say it boggles the mind that the accused not only had illegal possession of the state land for a long time but had also erected buildings and how was this possible without the knowledge of the relevant authorities unless they were involved, or had to give in to pressure from corrupt political entities of that time.

-- the unruly behaviour of young doctors who are on strike because their ‘demands’ have not been met and what a sorry state of affairs it is. People say it is the right of those who work for any organisation/ establishment to protest but it should be done peacefully and the issue settled with negotiations with the relevant authorities instead of causing havoc and disturbing the other citizens, who will have no sympathy with the protestors if their daily routine is disrupted.— I.H.