Friday October 22, 2021

MQM-P protests over ‘Karachi players not being included in national cricket team’

September 19, 2021

Workers of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan took part in a protest on Saturday to show their anger over deserving cricketers from Karachi not being including in the national cricket team.

The MQM-P’s sports and culture committee organised the protest outside the Karachi Press Club, where speakers said that Karachi had been ignored deliberately and recalled that a city that produced world-class cricketers like Hanif Mohammed, Mushtaq, Zaheer and Miandad had been victimised on purpose.

Addressing the protesters, MQM-P senior deputy convener Aamir Khan said that Karachi had been a major nursery of Pakistan cricket and deserved special status. “But unfortunately, players from urban Sindh have been ignored,” said Khan.

He said players from urban Sindh who speak all the languages have given excellent performances in domestic cricket. “Despite it, these players were ignored. It is our demand that the player from Karachi, who speaks any language should be given a chance if he gives a good performance.”

The MQM-P leader also demanded reviving the club cricket in the country and vowed to raise the alleged excesses with the youth of urban Sindh in the national and Sindh assemblies. “The MQM-P will protest at every forum, and if we have to protest outside the National Stadium, we will,” announced Khan.

He thanked the party’s sports and culture committee for raising the important issue.

He also demanded of Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Rameez Raja to take notice of the excesses committed against the players of Sindh.