Friday August 12, 2022

Pakistan Hindu Council slams Sindh govt for failing to protect minorities

By our correspondents
January 10, 2016


Unless the Pakistan People’s Party-led Sindh government stops its unnecessary meddling in policing and administrative affairs, lives of innocent children will continue to be lost and attacks against minority communities will not be controlled.

This was said by Dr Ramesh Vankwani, the patron-in-chief of the Pakistan Hindu Council and an MNA of the federally-ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, on Saturday during a meeting with a delegation from Thar.

He said it was a matter of great concern that the once peaceful area of Thar was now considered to be the worst for minority communities, making a specific reference to the attack on Krishna temple in Mithi. 

“The recent attack on Sant Nenu Ram Aashram this Saturday, once again proved the criminal negligence of the authorities,” Vankwani said. “The shops of two Hindu businessmen from Mithi and two from Islamkot were also looted in recent days.”

The lawmaker termed such incidents as part of a campaign to harass the patriotic Hindu business community, saying they took place with the connivance of corrupt police and officials of the provincial government. “Sixty percent population of Thar is from a minority community and they are now at the mercy of hate mongers,” he said. He also expressed his anguish that an honest and competent police officer Tariq Memon was not allowed to take charge as an SHO because he sported a beard and was affiliated with a religious organization, condemning such behavior by the authorities.

Vankwani told the delegation about an attack on his convoy onNovember 19 last year, saying that the government instead of arresting the culprits had shamelessly registered two fake cases against his supporters.

“The investigation report under the supervision of A.D Khawaja declared that the FIRs were baseless and has recommended the court to take action against all five culprits, nominated by me,” he said.

He assured the delegation to continue his struggle for the protection of minorities and their places of worship.