Sunday October 17, 2021

Govt pushed millions under poverty line: QWP

September 06, 2021

PESHAWAR: Qaumi Watan Party (QWP) provincial Chairman Sikandar Hayat Khan Sherpao on Sunday said the government had pushed millions of people under the poverty line due to its flawed economic policies.

Addressing a gathering at Union Council Khazana, he said though the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government had been in power in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for the last eight years, it had completely ignored the urban and rural areas of the provincial capital.

On the occasion, several PTI workers, including Hammad Khan, Waseem Khan, Abdul Wahab, Usman Khan, Fahim Khan and others, announced joining the QWP along with the family members and supporters.

They reposed confidence in the QWP leadership and vowed to work for strengthening the party at the grassroots level.

The QWP leader offered them party caps and formally welcomed them into the party fold.

Criticising the government over its poor performance, Sikandar Sherpao said the PTI rulers were responsible for rising inflation and growing joblessness.

He said this government had exposed to the people to a host of problems as it could not deliver on the pledges. “The promises were made to deceive the people to reach the corridors of power,” he added.

The QWP leader said instead of creating job opportunities for the youth and the unemployed the rulers were bent upon rendering the government employees jobless.

He added the prices of the daily use commodities, including flour, sugar, ghee and cooking oil, had gone out of the reach of the poor, but the rulers were least bothered to provide them relief.

Sikandar Sherpao said the economic managers of the PTI government had failed to revive the weakening economy despite taking huge loans. He said the Pakistani rupee had weakened against the US dollar while the national debt had soared.