Tuesday September 21, 2021

Out of control

July 30, 2021

This refers to the news report ‘Covid-19 situation worsens as Pakistan reports over 4,000 cases after two months’ (July 28). It is extremely worrying that the number of daily coronavirus cases is rapidly increasing and has already crossed the 4,000 mark. A few weeks back, the country was reporting only 700 cases per day. Also, the Covid-19 death rate in Pakistan in July is higher than the global death rate. Even though the country’s positivity rate is over seven percent, the authorities do not seem to be too concerned. At present, Karachi is witnessing the worst situation – the city’s positivity rate is close to 30 percent.

The PTI-led government has announced door-to-door vaccination campaigns in provinces where it rules, but the PPP hasn’t launched such a service. Whatever measures it has taken have been limited to reducing business hours. The current situation demands that all provincial governments speed up the vaccination process.

S R H Hashmi



This refers to the article ‘An approaching catastrophe’ (July 29) by Kamila Hayat. The writer has brilliantly talked about how we shouldn’t take the coronavirus lightly. Recently, Chinese researchers reported that antibodies triggered by the Sinovac vaccine declined below a key threshold from around six months after a second dose for most recipients, but a third shot had a strong booster effect.

Indonesia, Turkey and Thailand have already started giving booster shots to those who had received Sinovac shots. Pakistan should start offering booster shots to people, especially senior citizens. The government has to take timely steps to ensure that people are protected against the virus.

Dr Najeeb A Khan

Seattle, USA