Sunday September 26, 2021

China to speed up Dasu dam work: Nefarious designs of enemies foiled, says Fawad

July 24, 2021

JHELUM: Minister for Information and Broadcasting Chaudhry Fawad Hussain revealed on Thursday that the investigation into the Dasu incident had entered into the second phase, adding that forces planning to thwart the CPEC were behind the Dasu incident.Talking to media, Chaudhry Fawad said that enemies of Pakistan, who wanted to create misunderstandings between Pakistan and China, had failed in their nefarious design as China had announced to speed up work on Dasu Dam.Fawad added, “Pakistan was grateful to the Chinese government and people for their support in every possible way.”Deliberating on Pak-Afghan relationship, he said that the recent statement of the Afghan vice president was very unfortunate, adding, “The Afghan government wants to put the burden of its failures on Pakistan.” He said that Pakistan had always stood by Afghanistan, adding that Afghan Vice President Amr Saleh's family did not even live in Afghanistan.He asserted that the relationships between the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan were very strong.The negative statements of some disillusioned Afghan political leaders had no value, said the information minister, adding that the problems of Afghanistan could only be addressed by the Afghan people and Pakistan could only cooperate in the process.