Wednesday September 22, 2021

Insensitive remarks

July 24, 2021

Pakistan’s politics is already a victim of religious extremism and sectarian divides. And leaders fan the flames of hatred to their benefit when they need votes. Maryam Nawaz’s recent insensitive remarks against Imran Khan’s children are certainly a new low in Pakistani political culture. Attacking someone completely unrelated to your local politics based on their religious association and upbringing is in bad taste to the core.

The lesson is for all political leaders. Imran Khan should stop dragging other politicians’ families in his speeches and start delivering on the promises he made during election campaigns. Similarly, the PML-N leader and an ambitious politician, Maryam Nawaz should also do away with her vitriolic attacks on other people’s personal lives. What good will personal attacks do for ordinary people?

Anas A Khan

Edmonton, Canada