Tuesday September 21, 2021

Biodegradable bags distributed on Eid in Bajaur

July 21, 2021

KHAR: The Tehsil Municipal Administration distributed biodegradable plastic bags to dispose of offal and wastes of sacrificial animals in Khar and its major towns.

The TMA staff distributed hundreds of biodegradable bags in Kozsar, Mohallah Mir Ali Qilla, Levies Masjid, Mohallah Eigah Cham, Mohallah Hafizabad, Civil Colony, Fajja village, Tauheedabad, Shandai Morr, Sadiqabad, Nawan Killay, Inayat Killay and other towns and villages in Khar tehsil for disposing of offal and remains of sacrificial animals.

They also visited various localities and distributed biodegradable bags among the people free of cost.

When people use these bags, the TMA staff would pick and dispose of them outside the city. An awareness drive has already been launched through Ulema and various outlets for proper disposal of wastes and remains of animals.

It may be noted that TMA staff are using these bags because plastic shopping bags are banned, which often leads to environmental degradation, damage to crops and also clog the drainage system of cities and towns.