Sunday September 26, 2021

Placing Pakistan on Grey list

July 21, 2021

ISLAMABAD: Former interior minister and chairman Institute of Research and Reforms (IRR) Rehman Malik urged Financial Action Task Force (FATF) President Dr Marcus Pleyer to investigate the confessional statement of Indian foreign minister by a special team of FATF to expose further truth.

“I also requested to review the decision of placing Pakistan on FATF’s Grey list which the Indian foreign minister has already termed to be taken under Indian political pressure and influence,” he said while addressing a press conference Tuesday. He said it was noted by the world that despite fulfilling 26 out of 27 FATF demands, the organisation did not take the name of Pakistan out of its Grey list.

During the press conference, Malik also urged the government to raise this issue of India hacking of smartphones using Israeli company’s spyware with the United Nations. “It is an issue of concern that India while using Israeli company’s spyware hacked smartphones belonging to journalists, government officials and human rights activists including Prime Minister Imran Khan and other Pakistani politicians,” he added.

He also unveiled his letter written to FATF president, which said “I am on record with FATF that India is behind keeping Pakistan in Grey list duly complained by the US and I had earlier apprehended that FATF was not going to take Pakistan out of its Grey list due to political pressure and influence by some countries”. He said this secret of keeping Pakistan continuously in the FATF’s grey list has been exposed by the Indian foreign minister’s confessional statement wherein he has stated that the BJP government led by Narendra Modi ensured that Pakistan remained on the Grey list of FATF and due to us, Pakistan is under the lens of FATF and it was kept on the Grey list. The former interior minister said Indian foreign minister’s confessional statement vindicates Pakistan’s firm stance that FATF is being politically influenced and has fallen for the negative propaganda by India against Pakistan. The Indian foreign minister’s statement also proves FATF bias, he added.

He writes that the confession of the Indian foreign minister has raised a big question on the integrity and transparency of FATF and the claim of the Indian foreign minister confirms India’s involvement in pushing Pakistan into the Grey list. Malik writes “I would also like to express that despite clear evidence of involvement in terror financing, money-laundering, and even in heinous crimes of nuclear proliferation, India is being spared and no legal substantive action is being taken against it by FATF”.

He said people of Pakistan are justified to ask questions from FATF as to why Pakistan is being dealt with differently from India which is a glaring discrimination. He said Indian foreign minister’s confession is testimony that Pakistan is a victim of joint influence of India and the US to continue keeping Pakistan under pressure with ulterior motives.

At the end of the letter, he requested FATF President Dr Marcus Pleyer that the statement of Indian foreign minister be placed on record in the next FATF meeting.

He has also requested to investigate the confessional statement of Indian foreign minister by a special team of FATF as it has disputed the proceedings of FATF against Pakistan.

While condemning the Dasu incident of terrorism in which nine Chinese and two Pakistanis were killed, he said he has confirmed information that there was solid evidence of India’s involvement. He said India is conspiring against CPEC and urged both Pakistan and China to take up this issue at the UN.

To a question, Malik said Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s anti-Pakistan statements are regrettable. “Pakistan’s sacrifices for peace in Afghanistan are greater than any other country in the world,” he added.

He said he foresees a civil war and bloodshed in Afghanistan in the coming days and the international powers must stop the civil war in Afghanistan. He said Pakistan should not repeat its mistakes regarding Afghan refugees and if Afghan refugees enter Pakistan, they should be kept confined to the refugees’ camps. To another question regarding the incident of alleged abduction of the daughter of Afghan ambassador, he said the issue should be investigated. “I am sure the facts behind the matter will be brought to light,” he further added.