Monday December 06, 2021

Various local bird species disappear due to loss of habitat

July 02, 2021

Rawalpindi: Various species of small, indigenous, and colourful birds disappeared as the city has lost a major portion of its tree cover in last few decades due to development and non-development activities.

The big buildings have replaced big trees that used to house hundreds of bird species. More fruit trees are now required to bring back the local birds.

According to the details, the once most commonly found birds have almost disappeared from the scene after losing their natural habitats in trees and vegetation like white-throated kingfishers. wood pigeon, rose-ringed parakeet, Himalayan bulbul, and sparrows. The Journal of Bio-resource Management in its report revealed that various bird species left the city due to loss of habitat, pollution and climatic changes such as black-shouldered kite, crested serpent eagle, and king vulture.

The disappearance of the birds from the city has created a demand for indoor birds, mostly imported from other regions. Taimoor Hasan, a conservationist, said the exotic birds rely on fruit trees whereas in Rawalpindi most of these trees have fallen victim to the development projects.

He said there is no doubt about it that every bird species plays a crucial role in maintaining the eco-system and any disturbance to their habitats can prove to be harmful to the natural environment. “Many bird species have migrated to other areas and are now also found in the Margalla Hills National Park (MHNP) where they are more able to find natural habitats,” he said. Taskeen Ali, a housewife, said it is quite disturbing to see that house sparrows that dominated the life and culture of the people have almost disappeared in the last few years.

“I remember that people used to put water pots and food on rooftops for house sparrows and this practice was an essential part of our local culture. But now all this entirely vanished as birds, animals and natural environment have lost importance in the eyes of the people,” she said.