Monday October 25, 2021

Focus on composite development in budget: CM

June 11, 2021

LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar has said that composite development will be the main focus of the provincial budget 2021-22.

In a statement issued here on Thursday, the CM said parliamentarians were consulted to determine the regional needs and attention was paid to benefit the people through public welfare schemes. A separate development package has been devised for every district, he said and added that mega projects would be initiated under the public-private partnership to provide more facilities to citizens by expediting the development process. The public-private partnership will be encouraged in different sectors to promote investment, he added and announced providing every area with its rights. New projects will be started along with the completion of the ongoing schemes, he said. The CM said the upcoming budget will depict the aspirations of the people and the government will work to facilitate the people according to the available resources.

Meanwhile, steps will be taken to overcome unnecessary expenditures, he said and vowed to increase resources for giving relief to the general public. The CM said the development programme would be realistic and public needs would be prioritised and development of south Punjab would be given due attention. Usman Buzdar said the new budget would start a new era of development and the development of the social sector would be paid special attention. The budget will depict public aspirations and resources will be allocated for the development of backward areas, he added.

More funds will be allocated for the social sector, he announced and regretted that farmers remained victim of the system in the past. The PTI government has protected farmers’ rights and the growers of wheat and sugarcane crops received the full reward for their hard work, he said. The chief minister announced allocating record funds for the agriculture sector as it was a priority area.

Meanwhile, unnecessary expenditures will be curtailed to provide additional resources for public welfare, the CM maintained. The provision of additional resources will help minimise public problems and the government will also ensure financial discipline in public sector departments. A culture of austerity will be promoted at every level. It is the need of the hour that the government expenditures are minimised. However, customary practices were needed to be avoided to increase resources, the CM concluded.

Meanwhile, Punjab Chief Minister Thursday said that the opposition had been indulging in negative political activities to create unrest in the country and destabilise the government. However, he added, such elements had been fully exposed before masses. In a statement, he said the opposition irresponsibly behaved during the corona pandemic and disappointed masses. The PTI was standing with the people while the negative politics of opposition leaders had become part of the history, he said.