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Despite Interpol warning: Ship containing dangerous contents reaches Gadani

The ship contains 1,500 tonnes mercury mixed oil

By News Desk
May 26, 2021

ISLAMABAD: Despite clear warning by Interpol, a ship containing dangerous liquid has arrived in Gadani shipbreaking yard.

A ship containing dangerous material has arrived at Gadani shipbreaking yard despite clear warning from Interpol. On April 22, Interpol had asked the Pakistan Interpol and FIA for not allowing the ship into Pakistan.

The ship contains 1,500 tonnes mercury mixed oil. Due to this, Bangladesh and India did not allow the ship. In Mumbai, the name of the ship was changed from FS Ordient to Cherish. After changing the name, the ship reached Karachi from Mumbai on April 21.

The owners of the ship had succeeded to bring it to the Gadani. According to sources, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has given permission to break the ship without getting permission from concerned departments.

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After getting the warning letter from Interpol, the Ministry of Environment and other three federal ministries were busy exchanging the letters to each other. The MSA, EPA Balochistan and Customs were responsible to stop the ship, while entering Pakistan.

The sources said that the news about Cherish ship arrival was shared on official Facebook page. When Geo News contacted officials about confirmation of its story regarding the ship, the work on the shipbreaking was stopped and EPA Balochistan has sealed the plot where the ship anchored.

Officials were not responding to this question that despite the clear warning of Interpol about the presence of dangerous content in the ship, how the ship was anchored at Gadani shipbreaking yard?