Tuesday February 07, 2023

Sanjrani launches tourist safari train

By Our Correspondent
February 22, 2021

ISLAMABAD: Senate Chairman Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani inaugurated the tourist safari train here at Golra Railway Station on Sunday.

Minister for Railways Azam Khan Swati also accompanied the Senate chairman. The inauguration ceremony of the tourist safari train was held at Golra Railway Station. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the tourist train will take tourists from Golra Station to Hassan Abdal, Attock Khurd, Attock City and adjoining areas.

The tourist safari train is being seen as an important step taken by the government to promote local tourism. Addressing the function, Senate chairman said that the concept of safari train is good, can be a source of entertainment and tourism and Pakistan Railways is a valuable asset. He said that this train should also be taken to other parts of the country and the efforts of Federal Minister for Railways Muhammad Azam Khan Swati were commendable.

Sanjrani said that the safari train would help in highlighting the historical and cultural heritage and Pakistan Railways could play a key role in the promotion of tourism. He said that he hoped that such steps would be taken in future also which would not only make the organisation profitable but also help in projecting a positive image of Pakistan. “This is an important step for Pakistan and the Railways are the backbone of the economy that requires hard work day and night. This will make a big difference to the people and economy of Pakistan. It will also reduce fares and have a better impact on the environment,” he noted.

Swati said, “Freight trains are also being started. Less expensive transportation will be available. At one time, the railway used to supply fresh water to Quetta Semiray village. The development of railways is the development of Pakistan. I pray for the development of railways.”

Apart from Senators Taj Muhammad Afridi, Sajjad Hussain Turi, Mirza Muhammad Afridi, Aurangzeb Orakzai, Naseebullah Baazi, Dilawar Khan and other political and social figures and a large number of people were present at Golra Railway Station at the ceremony.

Sanjrani also visited the museum along with members of the delegation and Federal Minister for Railways Azam Khan Swati. Swati said the train will be going from ancient Golra Railway Station to ancient route. “We will be able to see the cultural and historical heritage of Pakistan. We have the capacity. We have changed the world. My priority agenda is to eradicate corruption from the Railways. There are mostly good officers in the Railways but there are a few black sheep. I will selectively eliminate these black sheep. Freight trains will also start soon,” he said.

“Tourism is close to the heart of the prime minister, so today's show is a step in that direction. Railways will soon play a big role in tourism. Imran Khan and diplomats will also come here next week. We want the world to know that Railways is the backbone of Pakistan. And what role is it playing in society?” he maintained.