Wednesday September 22, 2021

K-pop superstars: BTS hope new album will bring joy amid a difficult year

November 21, 2020

K-pop sensations BTS said they hope their highly awaited new album will provide joy to fans struggling amid the pandemic. The seven-piece global phenomenon — made up of RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook — are one of the world’s most popular groups and have found huge success in the UK and US.

The megastars released the album Be on Friday and took part in a press conference in Seoul, South Korea to launch the record. Asked what message the band wanted to send to the world with Be, Jin said: “I think for everybody this year, everything has stopped for everyone in the world because of Covid-19. So, it is very confusing for everyone, people feel a lot of emptiness. And we feel frustrated, we feel sad.

“All of these emotions are what we wanted to contain in an honest way in this album and I hope this can resonate with people and many people will be able to say, ‘yes, that’s how I feel as well’. And, draw consolation from it and also try to console people around you.”

However, Be is not just a reflection of the misery caused around the world by the pandemic, Jin said. He pointed to the song Dynamite, BTS’s first all-English song which reached number one in the US in September, as proof of the album’s diversity.

He said: “It also contains Dynamite, a song about hope that was loved by a lot of people around the world, so I hope you can all love this album.” He added: “It seems like the world has stopped, but it goes on and life goes on. I hope we can find small joys, not just small joys but happiness in our lives. I hope we can all endure this together and be strong.” Jimin, who took on the role of music project manager for Be, explained the reasoning for the album’s title. He said: “The name ‘Be’ is a verb, it is a very open concept. In our discussions ‘life goes on’

came up as a recurring idea.” Life Goes On is the opening track of the eight-song album. While BTS have found huge success in the US, one honour has so far eluded them — a Grammy. They made history in January when becoming the first K-pop group to perform at the biggest night in American music.

Nominations for the 2021 Grammys will be announced next week. BTS star RM admitted the group are nervous. He said: “Every time we have an interview and we are asked about our goals or our next target, we often, actually always, mention this (the Grammys), among other things. So, we are very nervous. It will be amazing if we are nominated.”