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November 15, 2020

Pakistan exposes Indian terrorism schemes

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November 15, 2020

Pakistan exposes Indian terrorism schemes

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Saturday released a dossier on ‘Indian state sponsorship of terrorism and destabilisation in Pakistan’ saying that India along with sponsoring terrorism in the country has also established a cell operating under supervision of Prime Minister Modi to sabotage China-Pak Economic Corridor (CPEC).

“Today we are presenting irrefutable of evidences of India’s direct state sponsorship for carrying out terror acts in Pakistan and destabilising the country from India and a neighbouring country,” Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Director General ISPR Major General Babar Iftikhar said at a presser.

The foreign minister said the dossier on India’s direct involvement in terror acts in Pakistan and funding terrorism would also be sent to the United Nations, OIC, P5 countries and other forums. “We are confirmed reports that India have been working on plans to destabilise Pakistan,” he said, adding that India has not been able to digest Pakistan’s successes and sacrifices against menace of terrorism.

He said that after 9/11, Pakistan became a frontline state and its sacrifices were admired, but not the way which should be.

Since 2001, in all 19,130 terror acts were committed in Pakistan resulting in 83,000 causalities including 32,000 Shuhada including 23,000 civilians and 9,000 officers and jawans of law enforcing agencies. He said Pakistan also suffered 126 billion economic loss whereas lost economic opportunities could not be calculated.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi said a cell under the direct supervision of Narendra Modi is working to sabotage CPEC and so far Rs80 billion have allocated along with raising a militia of 700 persons to disrupt the project. “They have three objectives: undermine, delay and disrupt CPEC projects,” the foreign minister said.

However, the minister maintained that Pakistan has the capacity to protect CPEC and for that purpose, it had deployed two division of security forces for protection of the project and engineers working there.

“The dossier contains many details and some of them will be used at the time of need,” Qureshi said, adding that India was not only using its own soil for terror acts in Pakistan, but was also using land of neighbouring country to attack Pakistan.

The minister said the information regarding India’s state terrorism and funding terror acts were not new for him but now the time has come for Islamabad to take the nation and international community into confidence, saying that staying silent would no longer benefit Pakistan, regional peace and stability.

“The world knows that when Pakistan was busy in partnering with peace process, India was laying a web of terrorism against us,” the minister said.

Reading out a statement for the international community, the minister said that evidences given by Pakistan provide concrete proof of India’s financial and material sponsorship of multiple terrorist organisations including UN designated terrorist organisations including Jamaatul Ahrar, TTP and BLA.

He said that Pakistan is presenting this dossier to UN, OIC, P5 countries and others with expectations that they would play role for peace and stability in the region by containing India stop state terrorism in Pakistan and bring all those to justice financing and supporting terrorism in Pakistan as per relevant domestic and international laws.

“The international community can no longer turn a blind eye to rogue behaviour of a state which refuses to adhere to UN laws and international conventions,” he said, adding that Pakistan had already shared concerns with the international community.

“Let me clear that India is state sponsor of terrorism and consistently exhibiting rogue behaviour,” he said. He warned that if the world does not take Indian agenda to destabilise Pakistan seriously then “I am afraid that seeing peace and stability in nuclear South Asia will not remain their priority.”

He said the international community while recognising that India was a continuous threat to peace in the region must act to stop India from sponsoring state terrorism in Pakistan.

The minister maintained that Pakistani security forces knew how to defend motherland and they would not allow India to undermine country’s stability and sacrifices given for peace.

In the beginning, the minister strongly condemned coward act of India at LoC resulting in Shahadat of civilians, terming the CVFs as against morality and all international laws.

Shah Mehmood said that India has provided funding of Rs22 billion for carrying out terror acts in Balochistan in the last three years.

Major General Babar Iftikhar said India embraced all the terrorist organisations soon after they were uprooted.

He said that India has been endeavouring to create a consortium of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Baloch outfits including BLA, BLF and BRA, which are already united under the banner of BRAS during the year 2018.

Babar Iftikhar said an officer of Indian RAW namely Colonel Rajesh deputed in India embassy in Afghanistan is the master planner, while a letter which is part of dossier showed that he already held four meetings with commanders of these outfits to facilitate their efforts and execute terror activities in Pakistan’s metropolitan cities including Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar during the months of November and December, 2020. The RAW official has distributed crores for sabotage activities in Pakistan.

He said the recent upsurge in volume of incidents in Pakistan was direct consequence of India’s direct engagement with all types of terrorists including nationalists, sub nationals and dissidents. He said India played direct role in unification of terrorists outfits in 2018 and then from August 2020 to October 2020. In November 2018, three outfits Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA), Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) and BRA were unified as Baloch Raaji Asjoie Sangar (BRAS) while in 2020 Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, Jamaatul Ahrar (JuA) and Hizbul Ahrar (HuA) were unified.

The dossier also reveals that the Indian intelligence agencies were also trying to establish Pakistan’s linkage with ISIS (Daesh) by creating Daesh-e-Pakistan and for this purpose 30 Indian ISIS terrorists have been relocated from India to safe havens along Pakistan-Afghanistan border. “Terrorists were handed over to Daesh commander Shaikh Abdul Rahim called Abdul Rahim Dost. All this was done by two Indian intelligence officers whose names are held by us,” the DG ISPR said.

Babar Iftikhar said there were irrefutable evidences that Indian embassy and consulates along Pak border in Afghanistan have become hub of sponsoring and financing terrorist activities in Pakistan saying the Indian diplomats have been regularly supervising terror acts in Pakistan.

“In one such instance, the Indian ambassador in Kabul and Indian Consulate in Jalalabad had detailed discussion with collaborators to provide financial support to TTP and dissident Baloch dissident elements,” the DG ISPR said.

He told newsmen that the RAW was also financing its front men in third countries and they have made two transactions to finance cut outs in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and both transactions were made through Indian banks. “An amount of 28,000 dollars was transacted through Punjab Bank of Indian (Indra Gandhi International Airport branch) and 55,851 dollars transaction was made by an Indian national Manmeet from a bank in New Delhi and was received by the Afghanistan International Bank,” he said.

On another occasion, RAW while using Indian embassy held meetings with TTP commanders and India paid 820,000 dollars to collaborators as evident from a letter written in Darri language. He went on to say that India have also raised a militia of 700 persons to execute terror acts in Balochistan to sabotage CPEC and for this a commission of 24 people including 10 RAW operatives, while 60 million dollars were dedicated for the force.

The DG ISPR said the Indian embassy is also regularly paying heavy amount to sub nationalists under the garb of welfare works in Balochistan saying that Pakistan has substantial evidence of four such transactions to the tune of 23.35 million dollars to cause unrest in the province.

Babar Iftikhar also confirmed that the Altaf Hussain Group was funded by RAW as mentioned in the dossier. “Confessional statements by Sarfraz Merchant and Tariq Mir also show that Altaf Group was funded by RAW,” he said.

He told newsmen that the Altaf Group was funded through two Indian companies namely Jasmine Valley Trading Company and Paras Jewellery. “An evidence of 3.23 million dollars transaction to Altaf Group is held by us,” he said.

Talking about equipment and weapons support to terrorists by India, the DG ISPR said that various terrorist entities have been receiving IEDs, ammunition, weapons and other equipment. In this connection, he said that recently a network of six terrorists has been unearthed.

The network which exposes two RAW front men namely Abdul Wahid (Indian embassy Kabul and and Abdul Qadir (Indian consulate Kandahar) and same group carried out terror attack on Pakistan Stock Exchange building in Karachi on June 29, 2020. “These two persons along with four Afghan nationals have been exposed in this case,” he said.

The DG ISPR said the network is also involved target killing of Ulema, police officers and notable and they were being paid handsome amount for execute terror acts. “The terrorists were being paid Rs 10 million for a suicide attack, Rs1 million for IED attack, Rs10 million for vehicle borne IED and Rs1 million for target killing,” he said.

He said the security forces have also intercepted huge catches of suicide jackets, IEDs and ammunition. He said that Pakistan was also keeping evidences of provision of ammunition, IEDs and weapons by RAW to TTP while letter in Darri language reveals that TTP commanders after collecting weapons reached their location after crossing border into Pakistan.

He said the RAW agents were also found motivating tribals in KP province to send fighters to Afghanistan for training. A letter also showed that RAW also delivered weapons and IEDs in bordering areas of North and South Waziristan during this visit. He said they also have evidence that RAW had provided ammunition and weapons to Altaf Hussain Group and on an occasion weapons worth 0.61 million dollars were given to this group. “Confessional statement of Ajmal Pahari also validates these things,” he said.

Babar Iftikhar said that India also used various used various training base camps to harbour, train and launch terrorists into Pakistan. In all India is managing 87 terrorist camps including 66 camps in Afghanistan (main camps in Kandahar, Paktika, Khost, Kunar and Nangarhar) and 21 camps in India in over 10 cities.

Former Indian ambassador and an Indian general visited a training camp of terrorist in Haji Gak area of Afghanistan and met 150 Baloch trainees. On another occasion, India paid 30 million dollars to train Baloch trainees in Kandahar province. “As shown in letter written in Darri language, it has been mentioned that India will be responsible for provision of ammunition and weapons to camp for which four helicopters were used,” he said.

He recalled that Ajmal Pahari in his confessional statement had said that India had established four camps in Haryana and North East India where 15 days to four months training is given. “It has been confirmed that 40 terrorists belonging to Altaf group received training in these camps and they use to travel from a third country,” he said.

He said the evidences also proved that RAW has direct involvement in terrorist act saying that BLA and BLF carried out attack on Pearl Continental in Gwadar in May, 2019 in which four terrorists were killed.

The DG ISPR said that an officer of RAW Anurag Singh planned the attack and 0.5 million dollars were allocated for the purpose and it was also master-minded for Dr Alla Nazar and Aslam Achu who also travelled to India on fake passports. Aslam who also remained admitted in a hospital of India travelled with name of Abdul Hameed having passport with double entry visa having Indian stamp.

Another Baloch Dr Alla Nazar travelled on fake document with name of Haji Nabi and he is one of main links between Baloch separatists and RAW handlers. “At least 17 audio tapes in which Alla Nazar discussing future planning with RAW handlers provide irrefutable evidences,” he said.

An audio was played on the occasion in which a RAW handler is giving instructions to Alla Nazar to the best of his abilities and he (handler) is trying to generate some support from private sources and will reach to him very soon. The RAW handler said as Dubai had become den of ISI, they would not conduct anything from Dubai from now.

Babar Iftikhar told newsmen that RAW used three facilitators including Malik Faridoon to carry out terror attack on Agriculture University in KP in 2017 in which three Afghan facilitators were also used. Malik Faridoon who also masterminded APS attack soon after attack, left for Indian consulate in Jalalabad to celebrate his achievement.

Malik Faridoon also remained admitted to a hospital of India during the year 2017. Malik’s pictures with RAW handler Amarjeet Singh, his name on attendant list etc is also mention in the dossier.

He said that attackers of agriculture university during the activity were in contact with handlers on Afghan numbers. They also live streamed video for their handlers which were uploaded from Afghan IP addresses.

He said the meetings of Altaf Hussain group with RAW chiefs were also validated by Sarfraz Merchant and Muhammad Anwar in their statements.

Recently, he said the security forces have discovered a sleeping cell of Altaf Group in Karachi and from where 13 individuals were apprehended and they were produced before the anti terrorist court. “Their gang leader Mehmood Siddiqui is absconder and currently he is residing in India,” he said.

He further two front RAW men namely Noor Muhammad and Zabidullah who were involved in IED attack on KP police on May 11, 2020 and they were found operate from Indian consulate in Jalalabad. Busting of the gang averted future attacks at various other places.

In June, 2020, three RAW front men namely Haji Habibullah, Haji Azizullah and Haji Bedar depute six people including three Afghans and three Pakistanis to identify important personalities for target killing. “They also remained associated with some other suicide including the one at judicial complex Mardan,” he said.

The Pakistan Army spokesman said India had also planned massive terrorist activities in Pakistan on August 14, this year. An Indian major with his code name Major Farmin Dass while in Kabul masterminded terror activities. Major Farmin delivered weapons and explosives to handlers in Pakistan which was recovered by LEAs. The same group carried out terror attack in Mastung, Hub, Quetta and Sohrab.

He said that India was also aggressively working on its agenda create instability in Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan and there were tangible evidences that RAW planted IEDs in AJK to target civilians and military personnel. In total, he said, 60 IEDs were planted in Azad Jammu and Kashmir since January, 2016 while 38 exploded resulting in 13 civilian and 46 causalities and 22 IEDs were neutralized. Since, 2019 two Indian handlers with code names Col Pandit and Col Maaz handed over nine IEDs to miscreants at Line of Control (LoC).

The forensic audit of IEDs also confirmed use of Indian components including used explosives, nuts and bolts and remote manufactured by Indian companies.

A video clip was with audio of RAW handler was also played in which the miscreants was instructed about use of IED. There are also nine voice notes of RAW officers and in one such note one of them giving handler giving detailed instructions for IED plantation.

The RAW officer is directing the miscreant that he should also make video of the place where IED blast would be carried out. “I need that impact which I can hear through news in television, newspaper and internet,” the RAW officer said.

Babar Iftikhar said that RAW has also been attempt to create a network of important personalities planning target killing for reward Rs50 million to Rs80 million.

In this connection, an audio was also played in which RAW officer was saying that the important target is in Lahore. “Target is from Lahore…its high profile target… will be in high security,” the RAW officer with code name MJ said, adding that it has to be done urgently. For that purpose three transactions were made from a third country from January to March, 2020.

He further said that India has long been endeavouring to create instability in GB saying that RAW was also planning to subvert perceived change of status of GB. After November 20, dissident elements from Kashmir are planned to be mobilised while attacks are also planned important political and religious personalities.

He said an important meeting was held at Ministry of Home Affairs of India on September 28, 2020 when Pakistan was discussing provisional provincial status to GB, to trigger negative impact of the decision. “Target killing of a mainstream personality is planned in AJK or GB to create public anger,” he said.

He regretted as Pakistan remain committed to the forum to fulfil some technical obligation of FATF by making unparalleled efforts, India has been making consistent efforts to politicize the forum for economic coercion of the country. “ There are tangible evidences that Indian foreign missions in FATF member countries have been extensively lobbying against Pakistan to place the country on black list,” he said.

Babar Iftikhar said that letters included in dossier also show that as how extensively efforts were made from February 2018 to April 2018 to place Pakistan on grey list of FATF in June, 2018. “It is India which should be inquired for such efforts and after revelation of money laundering activities by the country,” he said.

He said some serious escalation at LoC saying that India tried to externalise their own internal problems adding that Pakistan Army gave befitting reply incurring heavy losses both in men and material. “But most unfortunate part is that India continues to target civilian population,” he said.