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Two minor sisters kidnapped from Nowshera

By Our Correspondent
November 06, 2020

NOWSHERA: Two minor girls, who were stated to be sisters, were kidnapped from Regi village in Badrashi town in Nowshera district on Thursday.

Registering a case with the Cantt Police Station, Nowshera, Habib Shah, father of the kidnapped children, told the police that his daughter Alisha, 6, and Warisha, 5, came from school and then went to bazaar for taking chickpeas (cholay).

He said that the two girls did not come back from the bazaar since. He said that he searched the children everywhere but could not find them anywhere. The police registered the case under sections 364a and 5053 Cpa and started investigation. The father of the kidnapped girls is mason by profession.

Meanwhile, the police claimed to have identified the alleged kidnappers and said the accused would be arrested soon. They said that during investigation, it was revealed that a woman named Jan Pari along with her young son Salman had kidnapped the two sisters from the Badrashi bazaar.

A special team, headed by Cantt Police Station House Officer Zardad Khan, was sent to Punjab to arrest the accused. It was stated that the accused woman and her son were wanted by the Punjab police in cases of theft, dacoity and other crimes.