Saturday January 28, 2023

Journalist’s car lifted from Chaklala

By Our crime correspondent
October 15, 2020

Rawalpindi: Residents of Chaklala Scheme III are feeling desperately insecure as dacoities and car thefts have become a routine experience in the area.

During the past six weeks four cars were lifted from street 5 alone, the latest one was taken away on Tuesday noon. The silver grey Toyota belonged to senior journalist Narjis Zaidi.

CCTV footage of car lifting skillfully executed at noon was shared by the police.

All such crimes are immediately reported and are duly registered by the police (Airport Police Station and Chaklala Chowki) The law enforcers promptly appeared after the incident and confirm that ‘15’ has been informed and an FIR is registered. But after this the investigation process by police stalls and it is for the aggrieved party to make endless number of calls in hope of a positive update. Not a single car stolen in Chaklala Scheme III in the past years has been recovered, car owners say and regret that police do not have required resources and skills to investigate and recover the loss of helpless residents.

It is felt that under-staffed police stations are without funds, adequate transportation and forensic facilities to peruse the criminals who often move with the stolen goods to another location or city.