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Actions guided by Constitution, national interest: Support to govt to continue, says General Qamar Javed Bajwa

The COAS said the people, Constitution, constitutional traditions and above all commitment with the country were real strengths of the armed forces

By Our Correspondent
October 11, 2020

Actions guided by Constitution, national interest: Support to govt to continue, says General Qamar Javed Bajwa

RAWALPINDI: The Chief of Army Staff (COAS), General Qamar Javed Bajwa, on Saturday said the Pakistan Army will continue to support the government in line with the Constitution and in the national interest.

The army chief was addressing the passing out ceremony of 142nd PMA Long Course, 32nd Technical Graduate Course, 61st Integrated Course, 16th Lady Cadet Course and 1st Basic Military Training Course at the Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) Kakul, Abbottabad. Cadets from Palestine, Maldives, Qatar and Sri Lanka were also among the passed out courses. General Qamar Javed Bajwa was the chief guest on the occasion.

The COAS said the people, Constitution, constitutional traditions and above all commitment with the country were real strengths of the armed forces. “The Constitution of Pakistan and national interest guide us in every matter,” General Bajwa said. General Bajwa maintained that today Pakistan’s defence was strong and the armed forces accomplished every task which they were assigned. The COAS told the passing out cadets that they have been assigned to perform their professional duties in highly difficult circumstances. “You have to perform this duty at every cost and face these challenges,” he said.

He said Pakistan’s enemies were feeling “frustrated” because they had failed to cause doom and destruction and were now subjecting the country to a “24/7 hybrid war”.

Actions guided by Constitution, national interest: Support to govt to continue, says General Qamar Javed Bajwa

The COAS observed that the country’s enemies who were planning to destroy Pakistan were now watching its successes with disappointment and their hearts have been broken due by such defeat. “Pakistan is facing 24/7 hybrid war due to the enemy,” he said, adding the target of hybrid war is people and the war field is the human mind. General Bajwa pointed out that national leadership was also the target of the hybrid war. “As a young leader, you will have to face this challenge from the very first day,” the COAS told the passing out cadets.

He said not only as young leaders they have to become a ray of hope but would also have to protect their soldiers from the same propaganda. “You can compete against this hybrid war while following principles and traditions,” the army chief said. The COAS said the objective behind the hybrid war was to damage the atmosphere of hope and promote an assumption that there was nothing good. “I assure you that everything will be good here,” the COAS said. However, he observed that positive criticism should not be mixed with hybrid war. “Such criticism which is very popular may be due to trust, love and patriotism,” he said, adding that such criticism needed serious attention and correction should be made where it is required. “We must listen to our people and apply corrections where needed. These voices are proof that we are alive and well as a nation, that is moving in the right direction,” he said. “Our strength is our strong bond with our people, the constitution of our country, democracy and the democratic values that our people follow and therefore we shall defend this bond and our democratic values to the hilt,” he added.

General Bajwa maintained that there was a need to strengthen the foundations of the economically independent and ideological stable Pakistan which is Quaid’s vision. He observed that the Pakistani nation and armed forces have paid a heavy price for the sake of peace, saying they would ensure maintaining peace and safeguard the country with their blood. “Peace is our landmark but not the destination,” he said. “We are all soldiers of Pakistan regardless of our caste, creed, sect and ethnicity and we will always stand together as one, as this is our strength,” he said.

He said that Pakistan like many other countries faced economic problems and the menace of terrorism and unlike many other countries which were scattered, Pakistan successfully countered these conspiracies and problems. “Now it is high time that we put Pakistan on the track to progress and prosperity while utilising all of our capabilities and potential,” he said.

General Bajwa observed that the trust of Pakistani nation in its armed forces and strong relation with them was the result of sacrifices which the Ghazis and martyrs gave with their blood. “Now you are bound to strengthen the relation with the nation while, discipline, accomplishment of duties and impartiality should be your objectives,” said the COAS. General Bajwa further advised the passing out cadets that a major part of their young age would have to be dedicated for braving off difficulties for better future of the country. The army chief said time had proven that as a nation, they could perform unbelievable tasks while living above all the personal and organisational matters.

“Whether it is war on terror or strategy against COVID-19, response against locust or flood situation, we have proven our ability and capability as a nation,” he said, adding that Pakistan Army feels proud to be part of all such national efforts. The COAS pointed out that the Pakistan Army not only defeated terrorism, but also humiliated five times bigger enemy in February, 2019. He said that Pakistan Army truly reflects the proud nation. “Whether you are officer or jawan or voluntarily inducted, you represent all the federating units, public schools, seminaries, sons of a common man, middle class or rich family but above all you are heirs of 'Shuhada' and represent a beautiful country like Pakistan,” General Bajwa said. He told the passing out cadets that they would have to be answerable with regard to Pakistan’s prosperity, security and sovereignty even after fulfilling their responsibilities and even life. This is a unique burden of love, and responsibility that the nation has put on your shoulders, whereas, none other is asked to be accountable for anyone, other than his or her own self. I count it as a great honour that we stand before the nation as a trusted and accountable institution,” said the army chief. “Today you are going to become part of an army which is recognised by the world due to professional capabilities,” General Bajwa said while congratulating the cadets on completion of their courses maintained.

He prayed to Almighty Allah that Pakistan becomes a prosperous and stable country and reaches a destination where not only Muslims, but also minorities could experience the concept of a real state. Later, COAS General Bajwa reviewed the parade and gave awards to distinguished cadets.

The coveted Sword of Honour was awarded to Academy Senior Under Officer Muhammad Faateh of 142nd PMA Long Course. The President’s Gold Medal was awarded to Battalion Senior Under Officer Junaid Khan of 142nd PMA Long Course, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee Overseas Gold Medal to Under Officer Naazim Naseer of 142nd PMA Long Course from Maldives, Chief of Army Staff Cane to Company Junior Under Officer Tanawosh of 32nd Technical Graduate Course and Commandant Cane to Sargent Hamza Tariq of 61st Integrated Course, Company Sargent Major Ada Urooj of 16th Lady Cadet Course and Company Under Officer Mehwish Anjum of 1st Basic Military Training Course.