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Bollywood stars on Twitter to express anger over death of rape victim in Delhi

October 01, 2020

LAHORE:As the nation is still reeling with barbaric and inhuman act of animalism against a defenseless mother of two in Gujarpura and while half a dozen law enforcing agencies have been trying to arrest Abid Ali, main culprit of motorway rape incident for the last 20 days, the Bollywood stars, including Akshay Kumar, Kangana Ranaut, Meera Chopra and others have expressed their anger after a 19-year-old rape victim died at a Delhi hospital on Tuesday.

Such incidents of heinous crimes against humanity, which are on an alarming rise, are not taken politely in any culture and society, especially in the sub-continent. The strong reaction from the Bollywood artists also highlights the unspoken bond between the artist’s community about the condemnation and raising a voice against any crime and atrocity against defenseless human beings. Pakistani artists have always been on the forefront against any injustice and crime against humanity in any part of the country. The rape victim, who died on Tuesday in India and being mourned by the world renowned Bollywood superstars and artists, is rude sign of fast deteriorating basic human values around us. The Dalit girl from Uttar Pradesh died two weeks after she was gang-raped in Hathras district on September 14.

Akshay Kumar turned to twitter and expressed his anger and frustration. He tweeted, “Angry & Frustrated! Such brutality in Hathras gang rape. When will this stop?” “Our laws & their enforcement must be so strict that the mere thought of punishment makes rapists shudder with fear! Hang the culprits. Raise ur voice to safeguard daughters & sisters-it’s the least we can do.

“Kangana wrote, “Shoot these rapists publicly, what is the solution to these gang rapes that are growing in numbers every year? What a sad and shameful day for this country. Shame on us we failed our daughters: RIP Manisha Valmiki Farhan Akhtar tweeted with a broken heart, “Sad sad day. How much longer can this be allowed to go on.

“Demanding justice for the victim, Meera Chopra wrote, “Another gang-rape, another nirbhaya it will not stop until accused are burned alive in public, there can be no mercy for such heinous crime. How can this not make you angry?”

It’s pertinent to note that a mother of three was robbed and raped in front of two of her children after getting stranded on the Lahore-Sialkot Motorway early on when her car ran out of fuel. The incident, which shocked the nation, spurred demands for the immediate arrest of the perpetrators and their execution by public hanging.

As the media broke out the news and following details of this gory and most heinous crime against humanity, the whole nation went into a state of shock and fear owning to the growing lawlessness in our society.