Monday November 29, 2021

Wake up

June 30, 2020

I find it grossly weird that a person born and brought up in Pakistan, who claimed a million times to bridle the mafias in the country if he came to power, finds himself helpless in front of the same mafias.

When the dollar price increased in previous regimes, it was bad governance but the same things turned out to be a backlog from the previous government when it came to this government. Sugar export and re-import was also a mistake by others –notwithstanding that the man behind the scene, Mr Waseem Akram Plus, enjoys the best of your confidence. You promised to deliver justice to the Sahiwal incident affectees but to date they await this justice. You promised not to go begging, but you have so far the highest debt recorded in a YoY scenario. It is time we started showing signs of maturity. For how long will you keep passing on the burden of every failure to others. A line has to be drawn. Please draw it now or you will find yourself among the worst that rose to power.

Basharat Raja