Thursday December 02, 2021

Cyclists enjoy carefree rides on less crowded roads of city

May 04, 2020

Islamabad : Increasing number of cyclists can be seen roaming in different sectors of federal capital during the lockdown days enjoying carefree rides on the less crowded roads to boost their physical health besides communing with the beauties of nature in the flowery season.

Cycling was once a popular means of transportation due to its various benefits like easier parking, less air and noise pollution and sustained physical exercise but lost attraction for the riders with the passage of time.

The trend is again picking up momentum in the city during the prevailing lockdown when a number of bicyclists can be seen around different corners in groups enjoying the free space on roads. Saad Muddasir, who was riding his bicycle alongside a park on Faisal Avenue said, it has become our routine that we all the friends move on our bicycles wearing safety kits after Iftar time and enjoy rides till late night.

He said in our hectic study routine, we never even thought of going outside on bicycles for such long hours due to the heavy traffic on the roads and time limitations. But now we are utilizing this opportunity and taking maximum rides these days before the temperatures go up at peak summer season.

Illyas Khan, a businessman who regularly visits Margalla Road with his whole family on their bicycles said, since closure of businesses due to the prevailing lockdown, I am spending quality time with my family at home but physical exercise is necessary for the children. “We all the family members move outside on our bicycles to keep ourselves engaged in some healthy activity taking advantage of the less traffic and pollution free atmosphere,” he said.

Mary, a foreigner who used to ride her bicycle at the cycling track alongside the Constitution Avenue daily at evening time said I feel good and safe while riding here as the road is clear and the weather is so pleasant. She said it is difficult to confine ourselves to just home for the whole day during lockdown and leave away all sorts of physical activities. It is pertinent to mention here that Cycling quickly became an activity after bicycles were introduced in the 19th century and remains popular with more than a billion people worldwide used for recreation, transportation and sport.