Tuesday December 07, 2021

Court gives seven day remand on rape and killing of seven-year-old

May 02, 2020

SUKKUR: A civil judge of Hyderabad has allowed seven day physical remand of a suspect who is alleged to have killed a seven-year-old girl after molesting her.

The body of the 7-year-old was found after brief disappearance and doctors confirmed that she was strangled after being molested. The police claim to have arrested one person on suspicion of kidnapping and murdering the child. The police that it were investigating the missing child when they found the body from Quaid Park in GR Colony, Hyderabad, on Thursday. Later, during initial investigations, they tracked the CCTV footages and identified a suspect whom they believe is the alleged kidnapper and killer of the child. According to the police, the suspect has confessed to his crime. In his confession, he said he trapped the child by telling her that he would get her new clothes. Later, he molested and strangulated her. The police produced the suspect before the civil judge who allowed a seven-day physical remand of the accused. The accused attempted to commit suicide in the police lock-up and was shifted to a hospital, the police said.