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Chinese experts to help Pakistan tackle Covid-19

March 27, 2020

By News Desk

BEIJING: China will send a team of medical experts to Pakistan to work closely with local health authorities as well as provide assistance and expertise in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, China’s National Health Commission Vice Minister Zeng Yixin has said.

“As required by [the] Pakistani side, China is preparing a medical team to visit Pakistan, and this team of experts will pay field trips to different localities in Pakistan,” Zeng said while responding to APP at a news conference regarding China’s international cooperation in fighting Covid-19 at China’s State Council Information Office on Thursday.

The vice minister said the team will share experience and technology with their Pakistani counterparts. Furthermore, the Chinese team will hold discussions with the Pakistani side about any other assistance and support required with regards to technology.

The vice minister said in terms of medical technology, China immediately shared therapeutic and prevention protocols for Covid-19 with Pakistan. “We also shared with [our] Pakistani friends through video-link China’s experience in treatment and containment,” he added. Zeng also said the Chinese authorities also had “a very good discussion” with Pakistani officials on other issues in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

Acknowledging Pakistan’s support for China against the coronavirus, China International Development Cooperation Agency Vice Chairman Deng Boqing said when China was fighting the epidemic at home (at the outset of the pandemic), “Pakistan extended great support”. Pakistan mobilised “all possible medical supplies” to support China and that gesture “moved numerous Chinese people”.

He said: “At the moment, the two countries are facing the challenge and China is ready to share its experience with Pakistan and provide Pakistan with badly needed medical supplies. As a matter of fact, we have already provided four batches of assistance to Pakistan in terms of testing kits, protective suits, facial masks, ventilators and other medical supplies.”

He said for the next stage, the Beijing also had a plan to provide “more urgently needed assistance” to the country.

“In addition, we will also support Pakistan in building a temporary quarantine hospital,” he added.

The Chinese government has thus far provided 83 countries and international organisations with emergency assistance to battle the virus.