Thursday November 30, 2023

Wildlife park

March 26, 2020

The chief justice of the Islamabad High Court has rightly taken a serious notice of the sordid conditions prevalent in the Islamabad Zoo and reprimanded concerned authorities for their irresponsibility in maintaining proper environments for the animals therein. In this context, I want to highlight the miserable and lamentable conditions of the Punjab Wildlife Park located in Lohi Bher Area. Here the situation is even worse than Islamabad Zoo. Animals are subjected to malnutrition and maltreatment in their cages.

The park management is totally incapable of taking care for animals as well as for visitors, who are generally very few in number. The road leading to the park comes from the Islamabad Expressway. But it is badly damaged and pitted with potholes here and there. It is extremely difficult to drive on this road. The Punjab Wildlife Department needs a big jolt to meticulously maintain this park and construct the road leading to it.

Engr M Hafeez ur Rahman