Thursday September 21, 2023

Work together

March 22, 2020

The United States of America – sometimes the guardian of the world and sometimes the global police man. Someone’s destroyer and someone’s supporter. It plays many roles in different regions of the world but when it comes to the majority of the mankind, its role has been cruel. US sanctions have killed more people than any other weapon of the world. It was the US that used two atomic bombs against Japan. It was none other than US that started wars – directly or indirectly – in Korea, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Iraq, Iran and other countries of the world where many innocent people lost their life.

In times of a pandemic, when the world needs to get united to fight Covid-19, the US is stuck on its harsh policies against Iran – the epicenter of the virus in the Asian region – where there have been some 1500 deaths, while 50 people are being infected and 5-6 are dying every hour. Considering the situation, all states should be expected to put aside their petty differences and combine forces against the coronavirus – a foe that knows no borders. All the first world countries need to help third world countries in this time of crisis. Financial institutions must play their role more effectively. The dire situation in the world, especially in Iran and Italy demands that the world community work together to fight the contagion and let essential supplies into the countries to save lives.

Khanesh Rathi