Thursday December 02, 2021

Islamabad robbery: Senate body chief takes notice of police official’s involvement

March 09, 2020

ISLAMABAD: Chairman, Senate’s Committee on Interior, Senator Rahman Malik has taken a notice on incident and involvement of Police official of Counter Terrorism Force (CTF) in robbery in I-8 Markaz, Islamabad.

The committee chairman is of the view that this very alarming that the protectors of citizens and custodians of law and order are themselves involved in such shameful acts. There is a need to underscore such elements who found involved in criminal activities or supporting criminal groups.

The chairman has desired that a detailed report be submitted on the matter on the following points:- 1). The name and details of the police officials involved in robbery with his all official record with the Police Department. 2). How was his recruitment done if he was involved in crimes? 3). Details of his past crimes. 4). Was he cleared by the Special Branch, Islamabad, for his recruitment in the Police Department? 5). Where was he posted and who was his immediate officer? 6). Was he on duty at the time of robbery and if not, what did he write in the roznamacha before leaving the police station as per the well-defined rules?

The committee chairman Senator Rehman Malik has directed that judicial inquiry should be ordered to probe the matter and a detailed report may be reached to his office by Monday midday as the matter will be taken up in the meeting of the committee, scheduled to be held on Tuesday 10th March, 2020.