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Sogetsu Ikebana floral exhibition attracts large number of people

November 10, 2019

LAHORE :The third floral exhibition organised by Sogetsu Ikebana, a school to teach Japanese art of flower management, was visited by a large number of artists, art lovers and students on the second day of its opening at Packages Mall here on Saturday.

The theme of the exhibition “Reach For The Stars (sitaron se jahan aagay aur bhi hey) was specifically selected in relevance with Iqbal Day. At least 23 floral arts have been exhibited by students of Sogetsu-Ikebana, the modern school of Ikebana, which promotes meditative art through floral arrangements under the supervision of Ms Neveen Syed, floral artist and owner of Narcissus, the event management company.

The exhibition will conclude on Sunday (today). The major floral arrangement kept at the centre of the exhibition hall, projected the “theme of exhibition”. Neveen Syed selected the flowers of bird of paradise to symbolise freedom and joy from worldly worries. Special paper of Packages was used in the central art. She said it was the promotion of a goodwill gesture with Japan.

She said floral art brings peace and contentment to the inner soul. She explained, “The art actually exhibits the inner of an artist and the arranged flower becomes me”. To another query, she said men also learn the art in other parts of the world but not in Pakistan so far. The link of the art is too big as it teaches self-control among students.

A section for children was also specified in the exhibition hall. Children of 7 to 9 years of age participated in the exhibition. Neveen said floral art has three-pronged productivity: It brings peace to the life of an individual; it decorates houses and also becomes a profitable business.

Talking exclusively to The News, Neveen Syed said Sogetsu is the modern school of Ikebana, which can be done anywhere, anytime and by everybody and with any kind of material. She added it brings peace and serenity by relaxing people. To a question, she said the students have to study five books with practical work to get command of the Japanese art of beautiful arrangement of flowers. She said the certification of successful students is issued from Japan.

The students, mostly housewives, take two classes in a month and one book is completed in minimum 6 months. Neveen said the art is meant to bring patience and tranquility in the lives of people, especially women.

Telling about her learning of the art, Neveen said she had learnt it 15 years back but started teaching it five years ago. She has been getting an overwhelming response. Another floral art with the theme “Land of Rising Sun” was also placed in the exhibition hall.

Samina Salman, a student of Neveen, said she had been fond of floral arrangement from childhood.

With the passage of time she joined the Floral Art Society where she also met with Ms Neveen Syed. She said floral arrangement refreshes you from the worries and anxieties of the society. Zehra Azmat, another student of Ms Neveen, said it was a kind of hereditary art. A student is bound to become teacher after completing the course of five books. She added there was no age limit for the learners.

President Umair Itifkhar of Lahore Bonsai Society had also exhibited Bonsai trees, planted in a container. The visitors took interest in the Bonsai art.

A visitor, Muhammad Nadeem, a property dealer, said he was really impressed with the aesthetically arranged flowers. He said he was willing to teach the art to his children. He said it brings peace and fragrance to the mind. Another visitor, Sohail, said the Japanese art was different from our local floral art and it was really appreciable.