Friday December 01, 2023

Shahbaz’s PAC leaving shows PML-N no trust in him: Firdous

By Our Correspondent
July 04, 2019

ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan said those who had sprayed bullets on innocent people in Model Town were now being held accountable. In a tweet, she said the issuance of statements of state terrorism by those who had patronized the elements like Gullu Butt was simply ridiculous. “The sobbing and crying of the innocent citizens had shaken the heavens,” she maintained. Dr Awan also said the removal of Shahbaz Sharif from the office of Chairman Public Accounts Committee and appointment of the new parliamentary leader showed the distrust of his party on his leadership. “Shahbaz Sahab! Removal as chairman of the Public Accounts Committee and parliamentary leader is no-confidence on your mental chamber,” she charged. She said, “we the idea that until and unless Salman Shahbaz and your son-in-law Ali Imran return to Pakistan to answer questions regarding every penny, there will be burden on your chamber”.