Friday December 03, 2021

Own words and resign, Marriyum tells Imran

By Pr
January 21, 2019

LAHORE: PML-N central spokesperson Marriyum Aurangzeb has said Prime Minister Imran Khan should man up to his words said in the past and resign after accepting responsibility for the Sahiwal catastrophe instead of cosmetics of adopting the victim children."Imran Khan had so proudly touted that he was standing behind the performance of CM Usman Buzdar. That automatically fixed responsibility on Imran Khan because the bloodbath was carried out under his watch. When will the prime minister resign?" Marriyum questioned.

She said the entire country had been in a state of shock over the heart-wrenching Sahiwal calamity while the prime minister of the country woke up from his slumber after 24 hours to express grief over this disaster. At least he finally did manage to relate to the grief of the country for one instance, no matter if with a 24hour lag, she said.

"Innocent civilians of Pakistan were murdered in cold blood in front of their children under the prime minister's watch. Why is it that an FIR of the incident has still not been registered? Why the names of the misplaced prime minister and the inconspicuous chief minister have not been added to the anonymous FIR? Why were the names of the on-duty officers not added to the FIR?" she asked.

Marriyum said the entire Punjab government had gone into hiding after the incident and if the chief minister had to wait for the prime minister's approval to act on such an upheaval, the people of Punjab are doomed under this government. The former information minister slammed the government spokesperson approach for focusing on financial support of the poor children instead of stressing the need for investigation.