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Art exhibition of children inaugurated

By Our Correspondent
January 20, 2019

Islamabad : The exhibition featured over 175 breathtaking artworks under the theme of 'Save the Earth and Water Conservation' by schoolchildren aged 4-15 from over 12 cities across Pakistan, inaugurated at Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA) on Friday.

The exhibition titled ‘5th Art for Change – International Child Art Exhibition’ was launched by PNCA in collaboration with Goldfish. Prizes, certificates and medals were handed out to the winners and participants in a jam-packed inauguration ceremony by the chief guest TV anchor Tauseeq Haider. The exhibition was attended by the participants, their families and art enthusiasts in the city.

Speaking at the occasion, DNA Founder and Director Mujtaba Zaidi said that the primary purpose of this initiative is to provide opportunities to the students from under-resourced schools and to give them a chance to participate equally on a national level with all the resources needed.

DNA is a non-profit youth run initiative that channels artistic and creative initiatives like Art for Change to generate finding for underprivileged schools in Pakistan. Zaidi also added that one of the aims of the competition was to create a bridge between the students from privileged and underprivileged class.

Tauseeq Haider commented on the importance of creativity and expression among young generation. “I believe in unlocking creativity and expression in these young minds and in making people’s lives more lovable and inspiring. Art does not only define a culture but also represents the true essence of any country,” he said.