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PTF demands manifold increase in annual grant

December 25, 2018

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) has requested the government to increase its annual grant manifold and also ensure timely disposal of all the dues by the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB).

In a letter addressed to Ministry of Inter-provincial Coordination (IPC), the PTF demanded sizeable increase in the annual grant which stands at Rs3 million a year.The Ministry had sent a letter to the PTF, asking it what problems it faced in improving the standard of the game.

In its response, the PTF complained about the slow work by the PSB. “That, despite pre-allocation and approval of budgets, at times, grants/expenses are not paid by the PSB (for example, PTF dues for Ashgabat, Rs1 million for 2018 April Davis Cup Tie in April 2018, Rs0.6 million for the Junior Davis Cup team that went overseas), the Board needs to ensure that such lapses do not occur, else how would the Federation meet such expenses?” it said.

“The Annual Grant of the PSB, set at Rs3 million several years ago, unfortunately, remains static, to date. In spite of our requesting realistic amounts each year, in line with inflation, the massive decrease in the value of the Rupee vs foreign currencies, changes in operational and upkeep requirements of the Complex, etc., the grant remains the same, and cannot even meet the basic overheads,” the letter further said.

“All tennis activities, whether training camps for players development, tournaments, promotion of the sport and related activities, are left at the mercy of sponsors with the PTF management running from pillar to post to seek help which, given our environment, is an unimaginably uphill task. This situation, as would be appreciated, is hurting development and the programmes that we would like to implement. The amount of the annual grant, therefore, needs to be urgently increased manifold, in line with other countries of the region and realistic requirements, to enable us to follow our development plans for players and facilities,” the letter said.

The PTF in the letter also mentioned its achievements. “That, despite severe challenges, we were able to bring back international tennis to Pakistan, in the form of the mega Davis Cup, ITF Pro Circuit, ITF and ATF Juniors events,” it said.

The letter appreciated PSB’s cooperation in recent times to host international events, including Davis Cup ties. “We take the opportunity to appreciate many cooperative measures adopted by the PSB for the PTF,” the letter said.

“The PTF has submitted summaries, and budgets, to the PSB and M/o IPC, for a special grant to prepare infrastructure and allied facilities to host the tennis events for the SAF Games 2020, as allocated to Pakistan. To date, we have received no response, whatsoever,” it added.