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Annual ‘Tectiqs’ spell begins at Iqra University

December 08, 2018

ISLAMABAD: The annual national-level competition titled ‘Tectiqs 2018’ started at Iqra University campus here Thursday, says a press release.

This year, more than 1,000 teams involving about 4,000 participants of 75 different schools, colleges and universities from twin cities and other parts of the country are participating in the sixth edition of the contest.

Since it is an emerging trend that every university has its own signature event, Iqra University too has its own signature event named ‘Tectiqs’.

The previous versions of this mega event were proved a great success as it lured a huge attention from other institutes.

The three-day ‘Tectiqs’ is a compilation of some 45 different competitions segregated into the categories of engineering, computer science, business, debates, dramatics, media, singing, fashion, sports and e-gaming besides some general and social events. Tectiqs’18 is an inspiration for every shade and allows the students to test their mettle both physically and mentally.

The opening day of the Tectiqs started with the charismatic charm of decorations set up by astute décor team in a perfect atmosphere. The best moment of the day was event Thief Jack as the kids participated in the event.

Tectiqs is one of the biggest social events organized annually by Iqra University Islamabad Campus (IUIC). The basic purpose of the event is to engage the students and polish their skills further so they may be prepared for their professional and practical lives.

The event was inaugurated today by Vice President of Iqra University Dr Muhammad Islam as well as deputy mayor of Islamabad. The event mentors and supervisors ensured that a comfortable and secure environment is provided to the students at a fair and friendly forum.