Tuesday November 28, 2023

‘Iran sticking to N-deal conditions’

November 13, 2018

VIENNA: Iran has been abiding by the terms of its nuclear deal with global powers, the latest report from the UN atomic watchdog indicated on Monday, days after fresh US sanctions hit the country.

The International Atomic Energy Agency’s latest report showed that as of early November, Iran had been complying with the restrictions to its nuclear programme laid down in the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Sweeping new American sanctions against Iran, which came into effect on 5 November, have raised fears about whether the deal can survive. Some parts of the fieldwork in the report took place before the sanctions came into effect, but a senior diplomat with knowledge of the situation said there was "nothing that indicates that.. cooperation from Iran or its attitude has changed since 5 November".

The report said that as of 4 November, Iran’s stockpiles of low-enriched uranium stood at 149.4kg, 10kg up from the time of its last report in August. However, this is still well within the limits set by the JCPOA. The agency repeated language which has appeared in two previous reports emphasising the importance of "timely and proactive cooperation in providing such access" on Iran’s part.