Friday December 02, 2022

CITY PULSE: Flying with Stones

September 14, 2018

The Full Circle Gallery is hosting Raza Bukhari’s solo art exhibition titled ‘Flying with Stones’ until September 24. Call 0303-2239038 for more information on the show.

The Censored City

The ArtChowk Gallery is hosting Safwan Subzwari’s solo art exhibition titled ‘The Censored City’ till September 22. Each canvas from this series was laid out in a famous area of Karachi. The pure white cloth absorbed the city for an entire day. By the time the canvases were brought back to the studio, they were covered with stains of all kinds and they smelled of Karachi. Each stain carried a story worth sharing. Call 021-35300482 for more information.

Parallel Realities

The Sanat Initiative is hosting Haya Zaidi and Onaiz Taji’s art exhibition titled ‘Parallel Realities’ until September 20. In the words of art & culture writer Saira Danish Ahmed, through their practice both the artists reveal a fervent desire to create a voice against the scripted coercion of societal norms, and perhaps serving as rebels they raise their voices against the mass societies that have expatriated real communities. Call 0300-8208108 for more information.Alam Nashrah

The ArtScene Gallery is hosting Bin Qulander’s solo art exhibition titled ‘Alam Nashrah’ until September 17. Call 0302-2740111 for more information on the show featuring calligraphy paintings.

Mix Tape (1)

The Canvas Gallery is hosting a post-show conversation on ‘Mix Tape (1)’ with the artists at 5pm on September 17. Led by Amin Gulgee and Mohsin Sayeed, the talk aims to initiate discourse around performance art to investigate, unpack and repack notions surrounding it. Call 021-35861523 for more information.

The Distance Between Two Points

The AAN Gandhara-Art Space is hosting Roohi Ahmed’s exhibition titled ‘The Distance Between Two Points’ until September 15. The show examines the practice of Roohi, an artist who has worked in diverse mediums to explore overlapping concerns around nationhood, belonging, gender and the body. This exhibition is not considered retrospective, but rather a mapping of oeuvre of the artist. The show, curated by Aziz Sohail, will be accompanied by a publication. Call 021-35821462 for more