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Two FIA men guarding Lawai, Anwar transferred

August 21, 2018

KARACHI: Two junior officers of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) have been transferred to far-flung areas reportedly for not resisting to a meeting of a PPP leader with Anwar Majeed and Hussain Lawai at National Institute of Cardio Vascular Diseases (NICVD) Hospital, Karachi.

Inspector Rehmatullah Domki was transferred to Gilgit and Sub-Inspector Habib Rehman to Taftan border. Both the officers were performing guard duty of detained principal accused persons in a money laundering case – Anwar Majeed and Hussain Lawai – at NICVD Hospital. On Monday, two PPP leaders visited NICVD Hospital, and met Anwar Majeed and Hussain Lawai without permission from the court and the FIA.

Owing to lack of sense of responsibility, the two FIA officials have been transferred to Gilgit and Taftan border as punishment. However, one of the officers, Rehmatulah Domki, told The News that he was not on duty with Majeed or Lawai and termed the transfer a routine matter.

There was no official word from the FIA but a senior officer told The News that PPP leaders' meetings with the accused persons were illegal and made without permission of the FIA and the court.

Majeed and Lawai were brought to NICVD Hospital for checkup for cardiac unrest but NICVD management, without getting formal permission of Agency or court, admitted them for treatment.

The senior officer quoted a previous incident at Karachi airport where Anwar Majeed misbehaved with an FIA official who he tried to handcuff his son AG Majeed. He said when leader of a ruling party came to hospital with full protocol and 100-plus guards to meet the accused persons, how FIA officials could stop them.

A govt spokesperson told The News that he was unaware about the meeting of the PPP leaders with Anwar Majeed and Hussain Lawai at the Hospital. He was of the view if any person, even an accused, is in hospital, any other person can meet him due to personal relations.