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26 Indian fishermenreleased from Malir jail

By News Desk
August 13, 2018

The government on Sunday released 26 Indian fishermen from Malir jail as a goodwill gesture on the eve of the inaugural session of the National Assembly after elections.

The freed fishermen, including three Muslims, were taken to Cantonment Railway Station to travel to Lahore, where they will be handed over to Indian officials at Wagah border today. According to an Edhi Foundation official, the charity has paid the travel expenses of the released Indian fishermen.

Speaking to media persons at the railway station, Saad Edhi called on the governments of Pakistan and India to relax rules for the poor fishermen. “They represent the poorest section of the two countries. They should be freed as early as possible and there should be fewer restrictions on fishing,” he said.

The released fishermen boarded the train with smiling faces, happy to be finally returning home. The Cantt Railway station witnessed similar scenes of joy earlier on Friday when 14 Pakistani fishermen, jailed in India, returned to Karachi after the Indian government set them free as a goodwill gesture.

Maritime agencies of both countries routinely arrest fishermen of the other country’s origins in the open sea for violating territorial waters while looking for catch.