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Food outlets announce ‘Azadi’ deals

August 09, 2018

Islamabad : Different food outlets in federal capital announced special offer ‘Azadi’ deals with the discount to attract food lovers on the special occasion of Independence Day to be marked on August 14. The restaurants owners said that they make the most of discounts on the special occasion of Independence Day to give our customers a patriotic spin and celebrate freedom with food.

He said that due to ’Azadi’ deals the food sale increased by 50 per cent in the city, adding that our all branches around the city enjoying a good number of customers.

We try our best to keep the customers satisfied by announcing special discount offers, the results are really good with respect to sales, said a restaurant owner.

He expressed the hope that more people will avail the discounted offers at various restaurants, adding that it was really honour for the restaurants to celebrate Independence Day with our customers by announcing special discounted ‘Azadi’ deals.

The food outlets at various Malls in federal capital also decorated their stalls with national flags and posters to attract more customers.

Prof. Salman Ali Khan Bettani said that it is good initiative by the restaurants to announce special discount offers on the special occasion of Independence Day.

He said that each Pakistani has the responsibility to mark the Independence Day with befitting manner and national zeal.

He said that this trend will encourage other business community to announce special offers on the occasion of Independence Day.