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Three times more money spent on Lahore than KP: Imran

By Faizan Bangash & News Desk
July 24, 2018

LAHORE: PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Monday said three times more money was spent on Lahore than the entire Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

He said he was not anybody's puppet and would never compromise on the issue of country's sovereignty. The PTI chairman also said that former premier Nawaz Sharif was being supported by Indian Prime Minister Modi, whose government was busy in launching propaganda Indian Prime Minister Modi, whose government was busy in launching propaganda against Pakistan.

Addressing public meetings in different constituencies of Lahore in the last hours of the election campaign on Monday, Imran alleged that the Indian government was siding with Nawaz and busy in propaganda of rigging in Pakistan. He said Nawaz's narrative was supported by Modi, who defamed Pakistan in the entire world after the Mumbai attacks.

Slamming the Indian prime minister for perpetrating violence against humanity in Kashmir, the PTI chairman said Modi should keep in his mind that Imran would never make any compromise over the interest of Pakistan.

Saying that he isn’t anyone’s stooge, Imran criticised the Sharif brothers and said frustration was visible on their faces due the expected defeat. He said he himself had been in prison but never raised complaints about the situation of toilets, adding that the PML-N government came to power several times but couldn’t set up proper prisons due to which its leader was facing the problem.

The PTI chairman said Shahbaz Sharif was known for misusing the police and eliminating his rivals through force which was evident from the statement of Abid Boxer. He added that there had been no case of victimising the political rivals or using the police for political purposes in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Imran urged the nation to vote for the PTI and participate in the polling process with full fervour. On the last day of the election campaign, Imran addressed public gatherings in NA-125 from where Dr Yasmin Rashid is the candidate, NA-128 from where Ejaz Dayal is contesting on the PTI ticket and concluded the campaign in his own constituency NA-131.