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Hung parliament to be unfortunate: Imran

July 21, 2018

BAHAWALPUR/MULTAN: PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Friday said the upcoming elections should produce a strong government through a clear result, as he warned that a hung parliament would be an unfortunate outcome.

Imran expressed these views as he addressed two rallies in connection with his party’s election campaign – first at Dring Stadium Bahawalpur and later at Multan’s Qila Qasim Bagh. A large number of people attended these gathering despite extremely hot and humid weather.

The PTI chief said if the voters brought his party into power, he would immediately create the south Punjab province. He said Imran Khan further said that Punjab province having a huge population of 120 million and could never be run efficiently and it’s its gigantic size was detrimental to the Federation too.

He pledged to shoulder the responsibility of reforming the governance structure so as to make it corruption free and claimed that he would reform Punjab Police and bureaucracy. The PTI would restore the prestige and dignity of civil servants, he added.

He said the PTI would unite the country through strengthening institutions and removing all types of hatred, including religious and sectarian.

Referring the unemployment and predicament of growers, Imran announced that he would introduce relief package for growers and create new jobs.

He said Pakistan would never thrive economically as a viable state unless the evil of corruption was eradicated once and for all. About Abid Boxer, Imran said he was the a glare example of the notoriety of Punjab Police and former chief minister Shahbaz Sharif to get his opponents killed in fake encounters, to which Abid Boxer had already confessed.

The PTI chairman said construction of dams would the priority of his government to coup with loadshedding, to provide cheap electricity to the consumers and to supply water for agriculture.

Imran claimed that his government would strengthen and present the PTI for accountability before anyone else.

Imran said Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari plundered the country ruthlessly and deposited billions of rupees abroad. He described the two rivals as crocodiles who, he alleged, had looted the country wealth with both hands.

He claimed that the dollar was trading at Rs 30 when Nawaz and Zardari came into power, but the price currently stood at Rs 130. The current rise in the dollar price was a result of poor economic policies of Nawaz, the PTI chief said and added that Nawaz and Ishaq Dar had produced a grave economic crisis after plundering national exchequer.

Imran said there was no difference between PML-N and PPP and both the parties believed in plundering the country. They had fixed their turns with a mutual understanding but the PTI broke the corrupt association, he added.

Imran said they would introduce sound system of tax collection to run the country freely without seeking loans, improve FBR, bureaucracy, strengthening Supreme Court and giving more autonomy to NAB.

He said a huge amount of Rs60 billion were wasted on under-utilised Multan Metro Bus by the PML-N government. "The Multan Metro Bus project was launched by THE Sharif family to make money," the PTI chairman alleged.