Friday September 29, 2023

Work from home

July 05, 2018

Now that every other product is being sold online, people have also started selling homemade food online. It is a good initiative and helping a number of families to earn a decent amount of income. However, care should be taken to ensure that the business doesn’t become hazardous at any point. In Pakistan, this business is progressing with each passing day, but the authorities concerned have taken any steps to regularise this business.

It is necessary to keep a vigilant eye on what is being served to citizens. Public health must be the first priority of the government. The authorities should register homemade food providers in the same way that they register restaurants or other food corners. It can be run successfully, if the laws are made to register all the sellers. In many foreign countries, the laws are specifically designed to run homemade food business, but no such steps are taken in Pakistan to date. It is hoped that mandatory steps will be taken in the foreseeable future to legalise this growing business.

Raja Hassan Zaman