Thursday June 08, 2023

Caretakers not needed

June 04, 2018

This refers to the article ‘Consensus, credibility and the caretaker’ (June 2) by Hussain H Zaidi. The article is a much-needed discussion on the relevance of caretaker governments and the purpose they serve. Notwithstanding the indulgence of non-democratic sentiments in our political system, and the affect that has had on the country’s political set up and its peoples’ psyche, it is about time we called on our somewhat democratic forces (ie, political parties) to push for true democratic trends to be mainstreamed.

Working towards doing away with the caretaker set up is one such trend. We need to study and question the basis from which the need for such a set up stemmed and work towards bridging the gap of mistrust.

Saleh Ghauri