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Jang Economic Session: Govt urged to devise social media policy

February 05, 2018

LAHORE: There is a need to evolve a social media national policy to develop positive attitude approach in the country and representatives should be included especially youths and women to guide the younger generation.

These views were expressed by the experts in Jang Economic Session on ‘impact of social media on social economic life’. The participants were Dr Pervaiz Tahir, Abdul Aziz, Tauseef Sherazi and students Nad-e-Ali, Muzammil Farooq, Qandila Riaz and Tayyaba Sajjad while the session was hosted by Sikandar Lodhi.

Dr Pervaiz Tahir said social media in itself is neither good nor bad rather its usage. He called for highlighting negative impact of social media on society. However, social media could not be regulated by Pemra like institution as regulatory institutions should be unbiased and honest, he believed. He said social media is also creating awareness; so a national social media policy should be evolved for promotion of positive behaviours in society. He said evils and wrongdoings existed in society before social media as parents play first role in upbringing of youth, then education. He said delay in acceptance of new technology is dilemma of Pakistan’s society.

Abdul Aziz said that individual damages of social media are higher but good benefits are witnessed for business. He said social media improves the flow of information and revive the old contacts. He said it was also helpful in promoting and advertising small businesses and empowering the consumers as well with their review and negative comments on products.

Tauseef Sherazi said social media is not a Facebook only rather a modern education and learning for doing online business and jobs creation. He said this medium has improved youths awareness and understanding about the issues so that negative impacts should be focused and controlled. He said social media promoted the businesses. He called for usage of social media for productive purposes.

Nad-e-Ali, Muzammil Farooq, Qandila Riaz and Tayyaba Sajjad said that social media is important source of catching consumers’ attention which also creates opportunity to start and promote businesses. All small and big brands were using social media for advertisement which is increasing employment opportunities, they said, adding that it has made contacts easier and access to information convenient. They said social media also helps to access to research of different experts. They said social media is playing vital role in creation of positive hope in society but a reason of divide among the family members and families. They said social media also adversely affected cultural and heritage identity but created awareness about international events. They said that youths should be aware of positive and negative impacts and usage of social media. They said positive or negative use of social media is in users’ control while positive use can bring about revolutions and negative cause destruction.