• Education system

      December 02, 2016
      Print : Newspost

      The decline of the education sector in Pakistan is due to lack of uniformity in education institutions. The curriculum being followed in education institutions is not at par with the international standards. The flaws in the education system have caused a severe deterrence in the career growth of students. In Pakistan, there is a huge difference between government and private universities with regards to their system of teaching and environment. The education system adopted by government universities is not updated according to the needs of the modern age and international standards, causing it to be least effective. On the other hand, private universities are providing better environment and opportunities to students. But these facilities come with high fees therefore not a large number of students can afford these institutions.

      A large number of students are enrolled every year in government universities, but because of the poor quality of education they cannot compete in the job market. The major reason behind this issue is that government universities do not get enough funds to meet the international requirements. This creates problems for students of government institutions. These students cannot seek better carrier opportunities since students of private universities are preferred first. The government should take notice of these problems for the sake of Pakistan’s better and progressive future.

      Subul Tabassum


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