Monday February 06, 2023

Political crisis causing mental health issues: experts

By Our Correspondent
January 26, 2023

LAHORE: Pakistan Association for Clinical Psychologists (PACP) strongly feels that current political crises are causing multi-layered psychological problems at the mass level.

“As experts and practitioners of science that deals with human behaviour, emotions and mental health problems, the political confrontation in the country has already resulted in social fragmentation at an unprecedented level,” warned PACP President Prof Dr Nashi Khan, and General Secretary Prof Dr Saima Dawood.

As a national body of Clinical Psychologists, PACP extends support to the people with mental health problems and ensures that Clinical Psychologists should always extend the most scientific and ethical support to the patients.

At the same time, we are always concerned about the social circumstances which give rise to mental health issues in our society. The PACP, at this point, feels duty bound to raise its concerns on the perpetuation of current political crises in the country. Our concerns are not political by any means but we are alarmed only by the rise in mental health problems.

“Not only on social media but also in reality, human relationship is in serious jeopardy mainly because of political difference of opinion,” they said, adding that the people are taking extreme positions on their political views and leaving no room for dialogue and discussions. This is just a reflection of what political leaders/parties are doing to each other at the national level. This attitude results in a multidimensional outcome. At the societal level, it created a social schism and violent trends. It caused political instability on another level, resulting ultimately in a massive economic meltdown. All these outcomes are detrimental to the mental health of people living in the country under such circumstances. The PACP makes its concerns known to all at the helm of affairs and urges them to strive for quick, indisputable and collaborative solutions.

The PACP recommends that all political parties should immediately take measures to draw consensus to resolve the current economic crises, crippling people’s livelihood. All political parties should immediately join each other at the table of dialogue to decide about the future of the country. The society, which does not resolve its differences through dialogue, ends up using violence.