Friday December 08, 2023

Broken system

December 05, 2022

Highly qualified, well-trained and capable teachers are the foundation of a well-run education system and, thus, a well-run country. A competent teacher knows not just how to impart the knowledge in a textbook, but to teach students how to apply that knowledge to their lives and the world. Other than a few elite institutions, most schools and universities in Pakistan lack such teachers. The way our education system is currently designed prevents it from producing teachers of the quality we need.

If we look at teacher-recruitment we will find that there is no uniform recruitment policy across Pakistan. Hence, the quality of teachers tends to be hit or miss. Mostly, it’s the latter. In addition, frequent changes to the recruitment policies only create confusion and lead to many promising candidates falling out of the system. Furthermore, it is not enough for one to pass a test to become a full-fledged teacher. They need additional training prior to and throughout their careers. Finally, there is the issue of pay. Teaching is one of the most poorly paid professions in Pakistan, especially when it comes to public education. Such measly salaries will only attract ill-suited individuals towards the profession. If we want better teachers, we have to pay for them.

Dolat Chandani