Saturday February 04, 2023

LG reps want Tanawal notified as tehsil

By Our Correspondent
November 29, 2022

MANSEHRA: Tehsil, village and neighbourhood councils’ chairmen have asked the government to notify Tanawal as a tehsil forthwith.

“Chief Minister Mahmood Khan during the local government elections held here in the second phase had announced to give Tanawal the status of a tehsil but over six months had passed but he didn’t honour his commitment,” Sheikh Mohammad Shafee, Mansehra tehsil chairman told gathering held in Pulrah on Monday.

The gathering chaired by him was attended by the local governments’ representatives from different parts of Pulrah and Lassan Nawab.The local government representatives, through a unanimously adopted resolution, demanded the Tanawal tehsil’s notification.

“We want a separate tehsil of Tanawal but also make it clear that we would never allow the provincial government to merge our areas or newly created tehsil with any other district except for Mansehra,” Shafee said.

He said that Tanawal was deprived of development and it would prosper if the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government upgraded it as a separate tehsil of the Mansehra district.

Speaking on the occasion Chairman of Pulrah Village council Mohammad Sajjad Tanoli said that if the chief minister didn’t notify Tanawal of a separate tehsil, the people settled in the widely stretched belt would not vote for the PTI party in the upcoming general elections.

“We also want to make it clear to the government that once Tanawal is notified as a separate tehsil, we will like to remain part of the Mansehra district,” he said.The chairmen of village councils Tarari, Palsala, Lassan Nawab, Mehar, Babubal and others also addressed the gathering.