Monday December 05, 2022

Incomplete apology

November 25, 2022

I am amazed by Imran Khan’s recent labelling of the real-estate sector as the nation’s “biggest mafia”. He accuses this real-estate mafia of grabbing up state land, selling it to the public at a premium and transferring the proceeds abroad. He seems to have forgotten that when he was prime minister, he eagerly invited overseas Pakistanis to invest in our real-estate sector and predicted that his Naya Pakistan housing projects would be a game-changer for the economy. He also gave special privileges to the sector, allowing investors not to disclose their source of income and giving tax breaks.

Although he has acknowledged that he made a mistake in giving the sector several amnesty schemes, Imran has yet to take responsibility for the role he played in making the real-estate mafia stronger than ever. Such wrong-headed decisions by rulers past and present are the reason behind our current economic mess.

Malik ul Quddoos